Sunday, 13 January 2013

My New Favourite Sushi Place...Temaki Sushi

It's official...I have a new favourite sushi restaurant.  After having many people tell me that I had to try Temaki Sushi on Broadway, I finally made my way there recently and I can definitely see why everyone loves it.  The restaurant is just that little bit nicer than the average hole in the wall sushi restaurant, the food was delicious, and the price was fair for the quality and service you received.  So, if you're interested in trying out a new sushi restaurant in the Kits area, I'd definitely recommend Temaki.

Our view during dinner.  It's so much fun sitting at the sushi bar!

Course 1 of my Sashimi Tempura Box: miso soup, green tea and the greatest placemat ever!

Course 2: Salad.  It's a good thing I'm a quick trigger with my camera because a half second later and that fishy would have downed all of my salad!

Course 3: my Sashimi Tempura Box, complete with a california roll, five pieces of tuna and salmon sashimi, 5 pieces assorted tempura, chicken teriyaki and rice.  ($16.99)  Absolutely delicious!

As per normal, I couldn't resist some green tea ice cream.  It was a bit pricey ($4.95) but worth every penny.  It was a nice big portion (even enough to share with the fishy) and jam-packed full of yummy green tea.

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