Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Eve Pub Crawl

While I was in Kelowna for the holidays, I participated in our first annual family pub crawl.  It was a complete and utter blast!  Eight of us piled into one vehicle (I swear we must have looked like one of those clown cars as we all climbed out) and made our way to a variety of pubs on Christmas Eve day.  All three pubs were great and a lot of great memories were made!
Our first stop was Brandts Creek pub in Glenmore for lunch and a pint or two.  The atmosphere was great, the food was some of the best pub food that I've ever had, the prices were very reasonable and it had a really warm and inviting local pub feel to it.  

My reuben sandwich.  Yummy goodness! 

Two of the three cheese and bacon sliders.  I could hardly believe that these were an appy.  My Aunt thoroughly enjoyed them. 
The flatbread: basil, tomato and feta.  It looked scrumptious and my sister said it tasted as good as it looked.

Side of fries with gravy.  There's something about fries and gravy in the winter time that makes me happy on the inside.

The mushroom soup that my Mom ordered.  She said it was delicious and I believe it!

My sister's boyfriend (a.k.a. MeLord) and his open face steak sandwich.  You should have seen the hunk of beef that this sandwich came with.  It was unreal, cooked to perfection, and without an ounce of fat in it.  Definitely a good bang for his buck.  And look at those modeling skills...perfect way to display the steak!

The Stockyard burger that my Uncle polished off.  It was massive and, as you can tell, very yummy.

Have you ever heard of a crown float?  I hadn't either.  Turns out it is half a pint of Strongbow and half a pint of Guinness.  Due to the different compositions, the Guinness floats on the Strongbow but when you drink it, you get a sip of each at once.  Neat
Our next stop was Rusty's at the bottom of Dilworth Mountain for a couple games of pool and a pint or two more.  I used to play pool here growing up and, let me tell you, it sure has cleaned up over the years.  It's a really nice pool hall, we had good service and the prices were definitely right.  The eight of us played pool and drank for at least an hour and a bit for about $100.  I could hardly believe it.  As for the pool tournament, my sister and I got off to a bit of a rough start but clawed our way back to the final and annihilated our competition!  Oh, and we may have decided to play each other after our win for ultimate bragging rights, and I may have kicked my sister's butt.  Mwah ha ha ha.

If you ever play pool at Rusty's, be wary of the Pool Shark Granny.  Caught here in a rare photo, she looks innocent and sweet but she'll take your money in a heartbeat!
Our last stop was at the Packing House Pub in Rutland.  This is going to sound horrible but, to be honest, I had never been to a pub in Rutland and wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  The good news is that I was pleasantly surprised.  It's a nice pub with good service and decent prices.  We closed the pub down, and then decided to make our way back home in our trusty steed of a vehicle.  Photos were not on my mind during this last stop, so I only have a photo of the entrance.

All in all, a successful pub crawl!

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