Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A little taste of the Caribbean...

The Reef is one of my all-time favourite restaurants in Vancouver.  No matter how rainy and cold it is outside, it is always warm and sunny inside this restaurant.  Add to that they make scrumptious food, a mean mojito, and they always have great music really can't go wrong with this restaurant.  So, if you're dying to eat in a beach-side restaurant in the Carribean, get your butt down to The Reef!

My oh so yummy ginger beer.  I love ginger beer and their house-made ginger beer is up there with the best I've ever tasted.  ($3.50)

My dining partner's Vincy Fish: fried tilapia with a savoury onion, tomato, pepper & fresh thyme sauce. Served with coconut rice.  There wasn't even a piece of rice left on the plate, so I'm assuming it was yummy.  ($17) 

My Maracas Bay Mahi: curry & lime pan-seared fillet with a colling cho cho & apple slaw. Served with coconut rice & local vegetables (carrots, bok choy and beets).  Delicious as always!  This is hands down my favourite dish at The Reef.  Flavourful, refreshing, and you get a good chunk of fish, all for a reasonable price.  ($18)

We, and by we I obviously mean me, were feeling more like salty than sweet after dinner.  So, we opted to finish the meal off with some Plantain Chips with jerk mayo instead of dessert.  Just what the doctor ordered!  I love this appy.  ($6)
Things to note: instead of bread, they bring scrumptious Caribbean doughnuts to the table that you eat with butter.  These are free, so if you want more, just ask!

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