Saturday, 9 February 2013

Leonidas - Hot Chocolate Festival

As I was perusing the different hot chocolates partaking in the Hot Chocolate Festival, one caught my eye more than the rest:

Melted praline blended into frozen yogurt, topped with a shot of melted chocolate, and finished with crushed hazelnuts.
Served with a choice of chocolate or liege waffle sample.
Available: every day of the Festival.

I loved the fact that it was frozen.  Plus pralines and chocolate combined?  It had me at hello.  So, I headed down to Leonidas with a spin buddy this past week.  Leonidas itself is absolutely adorable.  A cute yet modern hideaway, right on the seawall, full of yummy drinks, chocolates, pastries and macarons.  I can definitely see myself sneaking in there for an afternoon chocolate and enjoying it on the benches near the big rain drop in the summer.

The hot chocolate itself wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  I was so excited about the frozen aspect that I missed the word blend.  So, I was picturing a scoop of frozen yogurt with a shot of chocolate poured over top and crushed hazelnuts sprinkled on top of that.  However, it was all blended together like a frappucino instead.  It was indeed still deliciously rich and yummy, though.  And the waffle it came with...out of this world!  I would go back just for one of those waffles.  My favourite part was that everything was made fresh right in front of your eyes.  It gave you the time to relax and decompress.  So, if you're every walking along the seawall and start to crave a chocolate, pastry, beverage or a chocolate drizzled waffle, don't be afraid to pop your head into Leonidas!

 My view of my liege waffle drizzled with melted chocolate and my Frozen Noisette.  ($7.78)  A bit on the pricey side, but the drinks and waffle were both much larger than I was expecting.

 My spin buddy's scrumptious dark hot chocolate.  Hers also came with a liege waffle drizzled with melted chocolate.

The view from Leonidas.  Not too shabby!

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