Friday, 15 March 2013

Butcher and Bullock

I met up with some long-lost friends to catch up over the Canucks game last week and The Butcher and Bullock was a great call for our gathering.  Fun pub atmosphere, good pub food, TV's all over the place so everyone could keep up on the game without having to strain their neck, quiet enough that we could still chat easily...very enjoyable. 

Things to note: curiosity killed the cat while we were at the pub and we ended up googling what a Bullock is.  For those of you who are equally as curious, it is a young, uncastrated bull.  Who knew?

The Buttermilk Chicken and Waffle Sandwich: buttermilk marinated maple hill farms chicken, butter lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, on a crispy waffle with the soup of the day.  ($14)  This was almost demolished quicker than I could get a picture!  So, I'm guessing it was pretty darn good.

The Blackened Chicken Sandwich: maple hill farms chicken, butter lettuce, tomato, BC farmstead cheddar, arugula pinenut pesto on ciabatta with the organic house salad.  ($15)
In the background, the Wild BC Salmon and Organic Artisan Greens: 6 oz filet, green beans, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, fennel capers, red onion, goat cheese, lemon dill vinaigrette.  ($15).
Both delicious according to their consumers!

 My New York Style Reuben Sandwich: pastrami, swiss, hot mustard, sauerkraut, on Point Grey rye bread with the organic house salad.  ($14)  The reuben sandwich was good but not spectacular.  However, the house salad was out of control!  Organic greens, cubed cheese, thin slices of pear, dried cranberries, gooseberries (I think), quinoa and roasted hazelnuts with a light vinaigrette dressing.  Unreal!

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