Thursday, 7 March 2013


And no, I'm not talking about the pants that make noise when you walk.  I'm talking about a comfy-cozy pub with a kick butt open mic night in the heart of Kitsilano. 

I'm not going to lie.  I've walked by Corduroy a gazillion times and thought it looked like so much fun but I could never bring myself to go in.  You see, there used to be a restaurant there called Truffles.  Truffles was my home away from home...the food was delicious, the furnishings eclectic, the people who worked there were fun and really felt like you were over at a friend's house for an amazing dinner and wine that never stopped flowing.  It was my happy place.  So, when I went to go to Truffles one day and discovered that it had been bought about a month before and turned into Corduroy, a little bit of my heart broke.  Being the rational person that I am, I vowed never to enter Corduroy because it killed Truffles!

However, it's been five years now and my heart has had some time to heal, so when a friend suggested going for dinner and their open mic night this past Tuesday, I figured it was time to suck it up and be a big girl.  Having now been to Corduroy, I can honestly say that it is a fabulous pub.  It truly transports you out of the feel like you're in a hole in the wall pub on a small ski hill in the middle of nowhere.  It's fabulous!  Wood planked walls, random decorations (my favourites were the arrow literally sticking out of the wall, a hand set up as a door knocker, and a classic pair of old skis), one heck of a bar, pizza to die for, a house lager that is delicious and cheap, long-table style seating great for visiting or meeting new people, friendly and fun patrons, and some serious talent for the open mic night that blew my expectations completely out of the water.  Needless to say, you can't go wrong with Corduroy!

I'll definitely be going back and I can't wait to check out their Rock Paper Scissors competition on Monday nights!

The smoked bacon, pear, goat cheese and balsamic reduction pizza on a whole wheat, rosemary and honey crust.  Delicious!  ($14)

 The Poutine: french fries, 2 year aged white cheddar and Guiness-jus.  Not quite Fritz, but I definitely ate my half.  ($10)

My view during open mic.  Talk about spectacular!  The fellow playing during this photo was unreal on the guitar.  It was like he was playing the drums and the guitar all at once, but with just his guitar.  He was the first of many that had everyone stopping their conversations to just listen and appreciate.

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  1. Such a great place, one of the best keep secrets in vancouver. The man on stage with the guitar is Don Alder, Top20 best in Canada.