Monday, 4 March 2013

Red Pagoda

Last week I headed out for lunch with a few gentlemen from the office.  They were feeling like Pho and I was feeling like a meal big enough to quiet my growling belly, so we decided on Red Pagoda.  I had never been to this little hideaway before and it was great!  The food was yummy, the prices very reasonable, and the atmosphere much more relaxed with a non-lunch hour feel to it.  I definitely look forward to going back.

Things to note: the front entrance is actually off of the back alley.  So, the easiest way to get to the restaurant is to walk down the alley between Dunsmuir and Pender going West.  When you see the stairs and trees on your right, walk down them and you can't miss the restaurant.

My Charbroiled Lemongrass Chicken on rice with shredded carrots, cucumber and cabbage.  The flavours were great and the meal itself was super filling.  Definitely a good bang for your buck.  ($8.95)

#20 - Medium Rare Beef Slices Noodle Soup.  ($7.75)

#19 - Pagoda Special Beef Noodle Soup: medium rare beef, well-done flank, beef brisket, beef meatball and tripe.  ($7.75)

Not happy at all!

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