Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hot Buns Bakery

If you're anything like me, you were probably expecting to see some photos of the hot buns of the individuals working at the bakery.  Alas, they were behind a counter and I couldn`t get the right angle!  If it's any consolation, the baked goodies at this bakery were very yummy, so it's worth the stop if you're looking for a treat pre-snowboarding/skiing up at Whistler.

My fabulous hitting-the-slopes partner in crime's banana nutella crêpe. (Approximately $9).  This looked absolutely delicious and she definitely didn't seem to be complaining.

A pre-heli skiing (yes, I said heli-skiing...lucky devil!) pain au chocolat.  You should have seen the chocolate in this puppy!  (Approximately $3)

My strawberry chocolate crêpe with whipped cream.  Amazing!  The biggest surprise was that it was real chocolate, not nutella.  Such a treat.  (approximately $9)

The X that marks the spot!

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