Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tilapia with Fresh Salsa and Tomato Spinach Orzo

If you're racking your brain trying to figure out what to make for dinner this week, I highly recommend this recipe.  I tried it over the weekend and loved it!  The orzo was out of control...jam-packed full of flavour and freshness, and the salsa gave the tilapia that extra something which was really nice.


Things to note: (1) I find tilapia lacks a bit of flavour on its own, so I like to have a bit of salsa with every bite.  If you're in the same boat, you'll want to double the portions for the salsa.  (2) I used olive oil to cook the tilapia instead of butter.  This allowed me to use the same pan as I used to wilt the spinach.  Same yummy taste + less dishes = a much happier cook.  (3) I think the orzo recipe would taste really nice cold as well.  I'm planning on adding some cooked tofu to the leftovers and taking it for lunch this week.  (4) I got so excited about the new recipes that I forgot to plan a veggie, so I just had some raw red pepper, but I think some kale slightly wilted in lemon juice and garlic would go very nicely with the tilapia and orzo.  (5) The recipe calls for 2 tilapia fillets, halved.  However, my fillets were quite small and I ended up making one per person (approximately 110g each).  So, I'd recommend getting them weighed to double check proportions.


Dinner!  Tilapa with fresh tomato and olive salsa, tomato spinach orzo, and raw red peppers. 

Dessert: fresh strawberries with 2% milk.  My favourite summer dessert!

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