Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Templeton

This morning a dear friend and I decided to conquer the "spring forward" lack of sleep by heading to the Templeton for brunch.  All I have to say is that this place is spectacular!  You literally feel like you've stepped back in time...old school diner booths, a jukebox at every table, even the equipment behind the counter is vintage.  I absolutely loved it!
I was also very impressed by the food.  I was fully ready for greasy-spoon diner food, so I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that all of the breakfast meals are made with fresh natural ingredients, including natural free-run eggs, home-made turkey sausage, naturally-smoked preservative free bacon and they even have vegetarian and vegan options.  Definitely a little something for everyone...not to mention that the food was delicious and the prices were more than reasonable.
Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my brunch, and will definitely be making my way back to The Templeton in the future!

My brunching partner in crime's view during brunch.
My view during brunch.
The jukebox!
My half of our Baked Grapefruit with brown sugar and pecans.  ($4.00)  Such a delicious treat!  The perfect brunch dessert.
My brunching partner's Mangled Eggs: 3 eggs scrambled w/garlic, bacon or veggie bacon and brie inside a toasted croissant, served with rosemary potatoes.  ($8)
My Farmer's Breakfast: rosemary potatoes sautéed with veggies, melted aged white cheddar, topped w/two eggs any style, fresh salsa and sour cream.  ($8).  This meal was delicious and the rosemary potatoes were out of control!  Definitely a good choice.
A panoramic view of the diner.
The icing on the cake?  You get a Moos chocolate cream and butter toffee candy with your bill.  Awesome!
The X that marks the spot!

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