Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Snow + live music + rolly floors + vegetarian chili = ....

One heck of a fun night!  This year I made a goal to get out into the snow once a week.  Not only did it help the winter fly by, but it also encouraged me to finally get into cross-country skiing and take those skate ski lessons that I'd been wanting to take for years.  The best part about the lessons?  Finding out Cypress' little known secret about Hollyburn lodge.

Hollyburn lodge was built in 1926 and was originally a part of Hollyburn ski camp.  The lodge was later transported by horse up to its current location where it sits as a part of Cypress Mountain's nordic ski area (full history here:  This lodge is a blast from the past and I loved it!  The floor literally has speed bumps in it, anytime someone steps on a plank your seat moves, it's heated by an old wood stove with grates on it to dry out kids takes you back to a time when going up to the hill was about getting back to basics.

I haven't even got to the best part, though.  One, it has the best vegetarian chili I think I have ever had....amazing!  Two, prices are very reasonable for a ski hill ($5 for a burger, $7 for a large vegetarian chili, $0.95 for a homemade slice of bread, $5 for a grilled cheese sandwich, $5-6 for a beer).  And, three, enter drum roll here please, they have live music on Saturday nights!!!

This past weekend myself and my skate ski lesson buddies headed up to the hill for an early evening skate ski, then popped into Hollyburn lodge for some chili and stayed for the live band.  It was such a fun night!  I definitely plan on making this a regular occurrence next year.

Things to note: (1) Hollyburn lodge is open all day long.  So, even if you're up during the day, I'd highly recommend popping your head in to check out this classic lodge.  (2) The live music goes from 7-9pm on Saturday nights.  However, if you want a seat, I'd recommend being at the lodge no later than 6:30.  It gets pretty darn busy...especially once the dancing starts! (3) There are fully functioning toilets!  I was pretty happy to discover this.

My view of the lodge, pre-live music.

Dinner of champions!  3 large vegetarian chilis, 3 slices of homemade bread, 1 poutine and 2 Guiness.

Snow Report at their first gig ever.  Thoroughly enjoyable!  I especially liked the Shoelaces song.

The infamous Hollyburn Lodge.

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